Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello! And MOTD!

       Hello all! First off I want to introduce you to me! My name is Jenna Reddell and I have always had a passion for polish! This blog will not be all polish, but for the most part it will. It will be about nail care, nail art (although I suck at it!) and most importantly nail polish! I will try my hardest to post everyday and if not, everyother day. Please enjoy my posts and don't forget to follow and tell your friends!
       My Manicure Of The Day (MOTD) is Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light with Nubar 2010 over for some extra flakie oomph! This polish is something to talk about. It has a load of copper flakies suspended in a jelly base. I used one coat of Nutra Nail Kevlar strength basecoat and two coats of Ray of Light with one coat of Nubar 2010 and one coat of Out the Door Top Coat.

And don't forget, you need a manicure!

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