Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's sunny, what does that mean? Duochrome!

Hello fellow friends, what a lovely polish I have for you today. This is a duo/multi chrome polish that 'blinded' my soccer team, haha. Just Spotted The Lizard is the alias that this polish goes by, a beautiful one that changes from green to gold to yellow, almost a dupe a Chanel Peridot, close enough for me not to lem that anymore! This polish was released under the collection Spiderman which by the way was an amazing collection! Anyway, onto the pictures!


  1. I really ended up loving this polish so much. I was a Peridot "hater" for so long, but once I got this one on my nails I had to eat my words. So fun for a sunny day!

    1. Me too! But 25 dollars is a little out of my price range :) So this worked just as well and really is stunning in the sunlight!

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