Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cos Bar at Target nail polish swatch and review

Hello all! I have recently picked up a few polishes at target, today I will be showing you one from Cos Bar at Target. This is Bronze, according to vampy varnish, but I think she made up those names, so I will just tell you the number on the bottom of the bottle 206701. This is a bronze with red, yellow and orange reflective particles that make it appear lit from within, like a flame going down the middle. This polish appears beautiful in all lights! There are many things that I do not like, here is a list-
  • Small bottle, .33 oz.
  • Tricky bottle cap, short and square
  • Wonky brush
  • Awful formula, it is runny and drags.
  • No names
The things I like!
  • Unique colors
  • Easy access
  • Quite inexpensive
This is all in all not a very good product, but you get what you paid for! Here are the pictures, all taken in partial sunlight.


  1. It's a great color, but too bad about the brush and everything else.

    1. That stinks, doesn't it? But I bet you could make it work!