Friday, April 20, 2012

MOTD Borghese Fantastico Lime and Sally Hansen In the Spotlight!

Hello All! Today is an awfulllyyy bubbly polish, a devil spawn, looks gorgeous from far away, but when up close, reveals it's evil alter ego :) Sorry, I felt like being dramatic there! Anyway, this polish I got a long time ago, it is from the Fantastioso collection and bubbles like heck! To attempt to hide the bubbles I put Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in, In the Spotlight on top, it didn't do much, but it covered a few. I know what controversy bar glitter, aka hair brings up, I personally love it, how do you feel about it? I tried photoshopping out the bubbles, but it was to no avail! Thanks for tuning in today!
Oh! And as you can see, I have added a discreet watermark, do you like it?

And don't forget, you need a manicure!

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