Thursday, April 19, 2012

MOTD Sorry for such a late post!

Hello All!
I have been sick the past few days, so pleasee forgive my brief post :) Today is Spoiled Ants in My Pants, man, this glitter was a pain in the rear to clean up! I got way too big of a clean up gap on my middle finger, and yes, it was just as much of a pain to remove. I am a member on MUA and they introduced me to the 'foil method' If you are wondering what that is, I will have a post soon on that! I also feel like complaining about spoiled's brushes, if my house flooded that would be the polish I would grab to row my boat with, I also mourn for the beavers who lost their tail! :P Oh! And doxieil, the gradient tutorial is coming soon! Sorry for the awful lighting, this was at night! I made myself a light box today, it turned out great! Can't wait to use it for my next post!

And don't forget, you need a manicure!

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