Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New title! And a post!

Hello all! Today I am feeling quite silly :P (see!) And my manicure is likewise! This is two coats of Barrielle nail rebuilding protien and three coats of Nina Ultra Pro "Leaf me alone" a squishy green jelly, and then one "coat" of Lush Lacquer Slime Time, which I adore! The reason why I put coat in quotations is because it is not applied like a regular polish, you have to push it around so the squares don't all clump up.
The nina can be purchased at sally's for around four dollars, I talked about it here. It is one of the amazing jellies that is forgotten :( And the Lush Lacquer Slime Time is an indie polish that you can purchase off of etsy here.
This mani wore like iron for almost four days! WOW!

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