Thursday, June 7, 2012

NOTD and POTD! If you are skeeshy around feet turn away while you can! Although I think I have cute feet :)

I did my attempt at nail art today, umm let's just say it came out looking a bit corn husky :) Don't forget you are 3 followers away from an amazing giveaway! My toesies have been looking pretty rough lately, and they were in no doubt in need for a pedicure. I have not matched my nail polish to my nails in a long time, so what better time to do it after I just got back from the pool with a golden sun-tan! I chose a hot pink from sally girl, it is called "Back off" or 812156, hehe. It took about three coats for opacity, it dried lightning fast, and matte; so topcoat is a must. It was .99 cents at sally's from a long time ago, their polish is really good, I like it! And for the designs I used a dotting tool and L.A. Colors art deco nail stripers in 'black' and 'silver glitter' hehe. The designs I just kinda went with what popped into my mind at the moment......and this corn husk image came into my mind, I wasn't really picturing a corn husk when I did it, but that is what it came to be :)


  1. So cute!I love the pink and black color combo.

    1. Thank you! I think pink and black go very well together!