Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finger Paints Magnetic Hipnotic

Hello all! Today is a polish I found on clearance at Sally's, it was $1.35(!) so I had to snatch it up! This is a fuschia/berry base with a glowing cool-toned pink as the design. I am a sucker for all colors like this, so this magnetic effect just adds onto the lem-all-berry-shades.
The magnet was easy to use, with a cuticle curve to rest on. I noticed that the magnet effect starts immediately, which is a plus. I had a few mishaps with the magnet touching my polish... the way I fix it (if it didn't completely butcher it) is finish the magnet, let it dry *completely* then touch up the spot and magnetize! Voila, perfect fix. I will be announcing the giveaway winner soon, and you may notice that I started watermarking and cropping my pictures, you guys deserved better!

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